CHESTER, N.Y. (November 12, 2021) Innovative Health Sciences, LLC (“IHS” or the “Company”) will be presenting its breakthrough versatile and low cost non-electric infusion system at    Medica, a world-renowned trade fair for medical devices and medical technologies, November 15 – November 18 in Düsseldorf, Germany. IHS Director of European Sales, Nektarios Manatos will be showcasing the Insignis™ Syringe Infusion System in Hall 6, booth B80 alongside Assut Europe SpA.

The Insignis™ Syringe Infusion System is the first combination of intravenous and subcutaneous non-electric infusion pump created for use with a selectable rate flow controller, the IV Controller and the OneSett™. The transformative Insignis™ System for intravenous administration answers the world-wide need for a portable, non-electric, versatile, cost-effective, and intuitive infusion pump to accurately deliver medications from KVO up to 250ml/hr with a direct reading selectable rate flow controller.

“Medica is a great opportunity for IHS to introduce the Insignis™ family of products to the industry – it’s a place where cutting edge medical technologies and groundbreaking innovation are center stage,” says Andrew Sealfon, Chairman, Founder, and Chief Technology Officer. “It’s the perfect setting for IHS to showcase our products.” IHS has worked tirelessly to improve infusion technologies and is excited to bring this new medical paradigm to the infusion industry.

IHS received CE Certification for the Insignis™ Syringe Infusion System earlier this year, which enables sales in the European Union. The Insignis –26G™ Subcutaneous Needle Sets are FDA cleared in the U.S. and IHS expects to receive full regulatory clearance for the entire Insignis™ system in the next few weeks.

About Innovative Health Sciences

New York-based Innovative Health Sciences, LLC provides innovative solutions to the infusion healthcare market. IHS’ approach is patient-centric and future-oriented; our goal is to provide the highest quality of life by empowering the patient to take control of their infusion. For more information on the Company and the products, be sure to check out the new website,

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