Putting the Patient in Control

Our primary passion has always been to engineer products to improve patients’ lives. From inspiration to actualization, we do it all with one person in mind: you. Our goal is to make your life easier from the moment you need infusion care.

Why patients love Insignis

Here are some of the unique features patients like the most about the Insignis™ Syringe Infusion System

Minimal Effort

The pump lever is designed for comfort and operates smoothly with minimal effort.

Minimize Discomfort

It is the only system that can determine site performance with the ability to modify flow rates in real time (during the actual infusion) to minimize discomfort and infusion site reactions.

Lightweight and Portable

Insignis is small, lightweight and portable. It does not use any electrical outlets or batteries.

Safer to Use

The delivery mechanism uses the principle of Dynamic Equilibrium to automatically balance flowrates, prevent over pressure and minimize site complications. A specially marked safety lock provides additional protection. Other safety features reduce needle stick injuries and contamination occurrences and prevent the syringe from inadvertently moving or ejecting.

Infuse from the Comfort of Home

Our non-electric, no-fuss infusion system iscompact, convenient, portable, and can be usedin all positions and on all surfaces

Special features of interest to SClg therapy patients

Fewer Complexities

There is no need to calculate flowrates or combine sets. The patient controls the rate (up to the maximum prescribed rate) and can optimize comfort and infusion time.

Faster and Safer

The system is engineered to deliver the safest, fastest flow rate possible at any given setting, reducing overall therapy time without creating discomfort.

Less Pain and Faster Healing

The Insignis needle set uses a meticulously designed 26-gauge needle to achieve flowrate performance on par with a larger 24-gauge needle, with less needle insertion pain and fewer site complications.

Special features of interest to IV therapy patients

High Accuracy

It provides precise delivery at a wide range of flow rates, from 10ml/hr to 250ml/hr, suitable for most delivery needs and virtually any medication compatible with the 50ml BDTM syringe.

Adjustable Flow Rate

Under the guidance of the clinician, the patient can adjust flow rate to their specific therapy needs.